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Guest Spot With VooDoo Five

Anytime the Bearcats get to play a team that has an SB Nation representative we always like to do a little Q&A session, because it is the easiest way to get to know a team. South Florida is just such a team with Voodoo Five. So without further ado here is my conversation with Ryan Smith of VooDoo Five.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

So Marlon Mack is the most exciting thing to happen to USF's offense since that first BJ Daniels season right?

You probably nailed it. Apart from Daniels, USF hasn't had a consistent game changer in the backfield in quite some time. Mack is really good, but he's even more exciting because he's representative of the talent that Willie Taggart's recruited starting to show their stuff. The more Taggart recruits get playing time, the better.

Speaking of B.J. Daniels are the Bulls ever going to find their franchise quarterback? It would seem that Mike White is not it right?

The jury's still out on Mike White, just like it's kind of out on Taggart and the direction of the program on the whole right now. White was thrown into an awful situation last year and has certainly shown improvement this season, but he's still got a ways to go. He's actually quite effective in the pocket, but send a pass rush at him or get him on the run and it's a total adventure. For now, Bulls fans have accepted that White is the guy for the foreseeable future, but we're all keeping an eye on uber-talented true freshman Quinton Flowers, who's been described as B.J. Daniels with a better arm. He's seen a few series here and there, but nothing substantial.

Where is the fanbase with Willie Taggart?

Taggart inherited a total dumpster fire of a team when Skip Holtz left, and he's done a really good job of replenishing the talent by pulling in a pair of great recruiting classes. The on-field results aren't quite there yet, but this team is really young and still very much improving, and as such the fanbase is cautiously optimistic that things are moving in the right direction. I think expectations will be pretty high next year, especially if the Bulls can steal a few games down the stretch this season.

Give me an X factor for a Bulls win, could be from either side of the ball

The obvious pick is Mike White, who's rebounded from a pretty slow start this season and strung together two pretty solid performances in a row. If the Bulls are going to keep pace with the Bearcats, he needs to have another good day-- there's no way USF is going point for point with Gunner if they can't get the passing game going. Apart from him... I think the Bulls need a big game from corner Chris Dunkley, a converted wide receiver who's actually done a very nice job this year in his first season on D. If he can neutralize Moore or McKay on the outside and help to make the Bearcats a wee bit less explosive, that'll go a long way. He's also been a weapon in the return game, which is probably an area that USF needs to get something out of if they want to put up points.

I have to throw back the favorite UC-USF moment question to you

Even though the Bulls lost, the whole 2007 game was pretty fantastic. As far an individual moment goes, the 70-yard touchdown pass from B.J. Daniels to Faron Hornes in the 2010 game was particularly wonderful, especially since that game essentially marked the end of the Bad B.J. era.


I think this could be a pretty entertaining game, but until I see more from the USF offense I'm not convinced they can put up enough points to win this one. Cincinnati by something like 31-20 seems about right to me.

Thanks again to Ryan for doing that, be sure to check out Voodoo Five and follow Ryan on Twitter.