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Bearcats and Tulane Set To Battle On Halloween Night

One game is a fluke, two games is random, three makes a trend.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

By that logic, tonight will be the night if we find out if the Cincinnati Bearcats defense actually knows how to line up and play decent football, or if the two game resurgence which the Bearcats have had against SMU and South Florida is merely a product of playing SMU and South Florida.

The Green Wave aren't in possession of an offense that is markedly better than that of the Bulls. They too have a stud freshman running back in Sherman Badie playing behind a big physical offensive line. They also have on going questions at the quarterback position without any answers. They have big weapon at receiver in Justyn Shackleford and little else. If the Bearcats are able to get a handle on the Green Wave offense it could just be that the defense of Hank Hughes is inexplicably rounding the corner from abomination to merely below average.

The question for the offense is simpler, how much does Gunner Kiel play? Gunner has played just one complete game since getting knocked out of the Memphis game at the beginning of the month. The offensive line is solidifying itself into a pretty good group, they found a running back in Mike Boone. UC just needs to get more consistent down to down. That process starts with keeping Gunner Kiel upright and functioning.