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Bearcats Beat Temple 14-6

The Bearcats really struggled on offense against one of the better defenses they have seen all season. But they did enough to pick up their sixth straight win.

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

How is this for a thought. A defense that in September couldn't go eight minutes of game play without giving up a touchdown, or sometimes two, has now gone eight straight quarters without giving up a touchdown. That's why the Bearcats won this game. The Bearcats offense struggled in a way that they really haven't all season long and it was the defense that was the difference.

The question now is what do the Bearcats have to do to get back on the right track on offense after two straight down offensive performances. The Temple performance is more forgivable because the Owls have one of the best defenses the Bearcats have seen. But UC struggled in similar ways on offense against UConn, even though the score was 41-0. An obvious starting point is Gunner Kiel who has lately looked like a shadow of the quarterback he has been for most of the year. Still, I gladly take 8-3 heading into December after the nightmare that was late September/early October