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Bearcats Rammed

I don't know what to say, this was pretty bad. Cincinnati never lead in this one. VCU jumped out to an early lead and just slowly built on it for 40-minutes culminating in a 68-47 demolition of the Bearcats.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

What a strange week to be a Bearcat fan. A big win against SDSU, a bad loss to VCU, and a city full of heavy hearts for Mick Cronin.

With Larry Davis at the helm, the Bearcats went with a 2-3 zone, which proved to not be effective. VCU shot 48.4% (15/31) from behind the arc. The thought process, I assume, was since VCU didn't start a player over 6'6" that a zone may make sense.

As for the "havoc" defense we've been hearing about since Wednesday - That havoc held Cincinnati to 33.3% shooting, 20% from behind the arc, and forced 15 turnovers, including 7 steals.

The only Bearcat to really show much was Ellis, but that was to be expected. While the rest of the team was worried about the hectic work of the VCU guards, Ellis looked down at the 6'6" man guarding him wondering what the big deal was.

There were 9,520 fans in attendance. Initially, I really didn't like the idea of the reducing the capacity of Fifth/Third Arena to give room for a better fan experience. A lot of people across the country put a lot of value on the specific number of people in attendance. However, A couple of the Cincinnati games this year have had just north of 9,000 fans and have been very good home crowds. I think the small, but a loud crowd, could work as a Cincinnati staple especially, like with many things, if the Bearcats are winning and playing good competition.

Cincinnati takes on Wagner Seahawks on Tuesday. Hopefully, Cincinnati can regain some composure before moving back on to better competition.

Above all else, thoughts out to Mick Cronin and his family. Hope to have you back on the sideline soon.

-Daniele "Da" Bologna