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Staff Picks: AAC Tournament

It all starts tonight with the hotly anticipated 7-10 and 8-9 matchups. We've already shown how dumb we all are with our regular season UC predictions, let's see how dumb we are when it comes to everyone else.


Matt Opper - As much as I would love for the Bearcats to do the double and send the Cardinals home with a loss in the last match up in a while between the two, I just don't see it. The Bearcats looked magnificent in gutting Memphis at home, but they followed up with a clunker of a performance at Rutgers 36 hours later. UC will have to string together three straight great performances to claim the conference double, and I just don't see it. Though I hope I am wrong.

Jeff Gentil - I think UC can make the title game. They match up well with Memphis as they've beaten them handily both times. I just think it's very hard to beat a team three times in a season especially twice on their home floor. Like Matt said, UC hasn't put two good games in a row together in a while, but I do like the way the role players have come back into the picture picking up their play and helping out Sean Kilpatrick. I'll stick to my guns since most tournaments don't go by without any upsets.

Matt Opper Justin Post Jeff Gentil
First Round
UCF-Temple Temple Temple Temple
USF-Rutgers Rutgers Rutgers USF
Louisville-Rutgers/USF Louisville Louisville Louisville
Cincinnati-Temple/UCF Cincinnati Cincinnati Cincinnati
Memphis-Uconn Memphis Memphis Memphis
Semi #1 (UL-SMU) Louisville Louisville Louisville
Semi #2 (UC-Memphis) Cincinnati Cincinnati Memphis
Title Game
Champion Louisville Louisville Louisville