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UConn Routes Memphis In Quarters, Will Meet Cincinnati In Semi Finals

So we will have Shabazz Napier vs Sean Kilpatrick in the semi finals afteral

Joe Murphy

The Huskies had a shockingly easy time of it dispatching the home standing Memphis Tigers. UConn jumped out to a big lead in the first half behind stellar play from Niels Giffey and Shabazz Napier. The Tigers simply had no answers defensively, whether that was becuase of UConn's excellent execution or the Tigers complete lack of interst in playing defense. In truth it is probably both.

So now we move on to what will be the premier match up of the semi finals in the American Athletic Conference tournament. It will be pushed, relelentlessly, by the ESPN machine as a battle of Bazz and Sean Kilpatrick. But thats not exactly what this game will come down to.

Cincinnati and Connecticut split two contests this season, each team winning on its home court. The Bearcats rode a wave of second half momentum to lock down the Huskies in a come from behind win. The game at Hartford was one of the worst performances the Bearcats had this season on offense with their turnover problem becoming a turnover epidemic against a team that did not press.

UConn scares me, becasue UC always seems to play badly against them. That and Bazz's capability to go off at any moment. The good news is that this UC tema has become one that plays up, and theoretically shouldn't have a problem being ready for this game. Its a long wait untill approximately 9:30 tomorrow night.