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Nippert Stadium Renovation Virtual Tour

Take a stroll through the west side expansion of the new Nippert Stadium.

I have been waiting for something like this to pop up on YouTube for months. I am admittedly a huge dork, but the best part of following any renovation is when the athletic department in question comes up with the virtual walk through (Kansas State and Texas A&M being superb examples of the genre). So you can imagine my disappointment when week after week flew by and there still was no virtual walk through of Nippert Stadium as it will be. Except there was one, buried deep in a barren desert of the internet where no water, and thus little life exists. I am talking about vimeo of course. It was there the whole time, living like a salt flat lizard in the Atacama Desert, just waiting for someone to brave the inhospitable climate and look for it. Props to the people on twitter who did the foraging and found it for us, because it is amazing.

So a helpful hint to would be denizens of digital video, if you make something cool and interesting put it in a place where people can find it. You know, YouTube.