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Octavius Ellis Is Returning To The Cincinnati Bearcats

The rise of the phoenix

The last we saw of Octavius Ellis he was taking the fall for a night club brawl that involved several Bearcat basketball players and came on the heels of the infamous crosstown punchout. That was the last that anyone heard of Ellis in these parts. Unknown to any of us Ellis found his way to Trinity Valley Community College in Texas. A place that should warm the hearts of UC fans everywhere for their previous gift to UC basketball.

Ellis went to work and became a better player in his time away. For each of his two seasons at TVCC Ellis averaged 13 and 7. This past year he shot the ball at a 67 percent clip and 3 blocks per game on the defensive side of the ball. Ellis coming back gives the Bearcats more length and athleticism on the front court, not that it was going to be a problem before, its certainly not anymore.