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USA Today Salaries Database Has Tommy Tuberville 44th

The Bearcats head man is obviously well compensated, and is looking more and more like good value for the money.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The most interesting thing about the annual USA Today Salaries Database isn't really about the escalation of salaries at the top of the chart, which is getting out of hand. For example Nick Saban will make over 7 million dollars this season, over a million dollars more than his nearest competitor in buying classy vacation homes, Mark Dantonio.

No, the more intersting point is this.

All coaches that were either employed by an American Athletic Conference school (June Jones), currently employed by an AAC conference school (George O'Leary, Bob Diaco and Tubs) or school that will be in the AAC next year (Ken Niumatalolo). If spending money like you are serious is part of being taken seriously then the Bearcats and their conference mates are doing something right.