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Bearcats Bludgeon Their Way To A Win

It was not a work of art, but the Bearcats picked up their first win of the season.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

For a time the Cincinnati Bearcats were in absolute control of their game with the St. Francis and they were making it look very easy. That was the case for most of the first half when the Bearcats were scoring the ball at a highly efficient rate and stifling the Red Flash at every turn.

It was in the second half where things took a turn for the worse. The ball started sticking, it stopped moving, and the Bearcats began turning the ball over at an alarming rate. The efficiency that defined the first half went out the window in the second. UC even endured one of their patented five minute scoring droughts, it was enough to prompt here we go again mumbles from the crowds and pleas from one fan for Mick to take his jacket off (whatever that means). Still, win is a win, and I still think the ceiling is very high for this group.