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Bearcats Open The Season Against St. Francis

The Cincinnati Bearcats are embarking on one of the most interesting seasons of the Mick Cronin era. This is the first time that the Bearcats will be opening a season without any real known commodities and absolute job security for Mick Cronin.

Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

What this season becomes and what this team can actually accomplish is anyone's guess at this point. Every thing is on the table, its a completely blank slate because so many of these guys are unknown quantities. The ceiling for many of them, and for the team is very, very high. The great Jon Rothstein said that this group reminds him a bit of the 2011 team, which was really really deep with no obvious go to scorer. They are deep tough, loaded with athletes and are more than capable of winning a rock fight should anyone be stupid enough to whip out a pebble and throw it at them.

But for this team to really reach its ceiling they need to find a way to craft an efficient offense that can get efficient looks without relying on one person to bail them out late in the shot clock as they did so often down the stretch last year. We won't get definitive answers tonight, but we will start to figure out how Mick is going to approach this season with a roster that is radically divergent from the mold he has created here in Cincinnati.

This is the gamethread, lets make it rowdy