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Matthew Draper Is Officially A Bearcat

The Cincinnati Bearcats have been very active in the Cleveland area in the class of 2015. One of their three signees from The Land is linebacker Matthew Draper of Brush High School in the Cleveland Suburb of Lyndhurst,


  • 6'2" 214
  • Linebacker
  • Brush High School


Quick Take

The Bearcats need for linebackers and defensive linemen is well documented. Draper is a guy that could be able to help right away if he has a good summer in the Bearcats strength and conditioning program. Draper doesn't really explode of the screen the way that linebackers sometimes can. There are not an awful lot of decleaters in his mix.

Instead what you have is a guy who is always there. He doesn't run himself out of plays, he is rarely if ever out of position. He is far more likely to slow his roll on a developing play from the offense than he is to attack right away. That tendency has lead some Bearcat fans to wonder if he has the explosiveness to perform as an outside linebacker in this era of football where he is just as likely to be matched up with a Shaq Washington type as he is a Travis Kelce type. If all that you see of Draper is on defense I could see the point. But when he plays offense you see just how explosive he can be. The question is, how do you get him to play with that energy and explosiveness on every down defensively? That's the big question for Steve Clinkscale.