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Norman Oglesby Is Offically A Bearcat

Norman Oglesby of Ben Davis High School is the only true defensive tackle in the Cincinnati Bearcats class of 2015. He compares very favorably with another Ben Davis grad and Bearcat, Jordan Stepp.


  • 6'0" 265
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Ben Davis High School, Indianapolis


Quick Take

The Jordan Stepp comparison is obviously the one that everyone will jump to. The shape is the same, the dimensions are pretty similar, given a deviation of an inch or two and 10 or 15 pounds. The Alma Mater is the same, but that's all that is the same.  Their games are very different.

While Stepp was a primarily a nose guard who played as a one technique* both with Ben Davis and UC Oglesby is more naturally a three technique.* What makes him well suited for that role is two things. One is his violent hands which allow him to defeat blocks by preventing offensive linemen from getting their hands on him. The other is his first step, or his "get off" in coach speak which is exceptional. Those two factors in combination make him a nightmare for interior offensive linemen, particularly in pass rushing situations.

* More on both terms here.

At this point Oglesby is seriously on the light side for that three technique spot*, or any position for that matter, but he has the frame to add another 20 or 30 pounds without sacrificing any of the quickness that makes him such a terror for blocking schemes.

*Brad Harrah got by there at 260ish pounds this year, but that was noone's idea of a good time in the summer