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Braxton Neal Is Officially A Bearcat

The Cincinnati Bearcats are in a unique position with their wide receiver recruiting in this class. The need for instant contributors doesn't really exist because the position is so loaded on the depth chart. That allows them to take a flier on a guy like Braxton Neal who has enormous potential, but is far from college ready right now.

Bearcats Sports Radio


  • 6'4" 168
  • Wide Receiver
  • Lakota West


Quick Take

There is simply no denying the fact that Braxton Neal is a project, starting from the basic premise that you can't successfully play major college football weighing 168 pounds, certainly not while also standing 6'4". So the question is can Neal add the 30 pounds he needs to compete at this level? If the answer is yes, and the Bearcats coaches obviously think it is yes, then you have a very intriguing prospect on your hands. A 6'4" receiver who is a willing and aggressive down field blocker, who can stretch the field vertically and demands the attention of every defense because of the attention his size commands. Plus he can do stuff like this. That is the high end, but I have no idea how Neal's development is going to play out over the course of two or three years. It's just impossible to tell how his body will react to the added weight.