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Jhavonte Dean Is Officially A Bearcat

The Cincinnati Bearcats were very active in the city of Miami during the 2015 recruiting cycle nabbing several prospects during the course of the season. While a few of those commitments have melted away Jhavonte Dean of South Dade High School has remained solid with the Bearcats throughout the process.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports


  • 6'1" 168
  • Defensive Back
  • South Dade High School; Homestead, Florida


Quick Take

While defensive tackle is the hardest position to recruit on defense because of the scarcity of guys who can play the position. Corner back is by far the hardest to evaluate is. For a start very few high school kids get the proper teaching, or get tested by college ready receivers. It's also nearly impossible to get good film on a corner prospect. That is certainly the case with Jhavonte Dean. I know that he is incredibly long for the position at 6'1". I know that he is very, very fast as attested to on his kickoff return for a touchdown early in the above video. I think that he has pretty good hips and is able to change directions quickly, but I don't know that for a fact.

What I do know is that Dean is a guy that earned his offer at one of the Bearcats camps this summer, which means the staff got to see him in person to have whatever questions or reservations they had about him answered in person. Dean was offered and committed on the 11th of June . He certainly fits the mold of what the Bearcats want physically, which is long and lanky corner backs to combat the Mekale McKay's of the world. I am intrigued by Dean, but he is more than likely red shirting for the 2015 season.