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Christian Angulo Is Officially A Bearcat

Cornerback was one of the biggest positions of need for the Bearcats when it came to this class. One of the corners that they did take was Christian Angulo of East Bay High School in the Tampa area.


  • 6'2" 175
  • Defensive Back
  • East Bay High School; Gibsonton, Florida


Quick Take

I talked about this briefly in a post for another recruit in this class, but it bears mentioning again. With the best of film it can be hard to get a read on what a corner back does well or poorly because so much of what a corner does on a play takes place off screen. It is almost twice as difficult in Angulo's case because for large portions of it the camera(man)/(woman) might as well be drunk.

What I can tell is that Angulo is fast, physical and very aggressive as a tackler. He also blocks what seems like an absolutely insane amount of kicks, both PAT's and field goals. But the big question remains unanswered, corner back or safety? If I had to take a stab I would say safety where his aggressiveness is more of an advantage than it would be on the corner. Regardless he has ideal size for a defensive back for this staff.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Christian