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Caleb Ashworth Is Officially A Bearcat

The Cincinnati Bearcats needed to address the defensive end position in this class and they have done so with aggression. Caleb Ashworth of Tunstall High School in Dry Fork, Virginia is one of them.


  • 6'3" 235
  • Defensive Line
  • Tunstall High School; Dry Fork, Virginia


Quick Take

Caleb Ashworth has a great deal of potential, but he also has a lot of work to do. Ashworth looks dominant on the tape above, but a lot of the techniques that he is using won't work at the college level. Its a myth that the biggest, strongest and the freakiest athletes are the only guys who can succeed playing defensive line at the collegiate level.

That's good for Ashworth because he isn't going to fit nicely into any of those categories even after four years in a college strength and conditioning program. Where Ashworth has to work is on the margins, he has to become technically exceptional for him to become a contributor with the Bearcats. That has happened here before with Dan Giordano being a pretty good example of that development track. What we should really watch with the development of Ashworth is where he winds up in terms of position. He will start at end, but he could pretty easily grow into a defensive tackle.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Caleb