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Kahlil Lewis Is Officially A Bearcat

Tommy Tuberville and his staff pulled one last magic trick out of their hat. In an effort to bolster the Bearcats depth at receiver UC went into Florida to sign Miramar's Kahlil Lewis a longtime West Virginia commitment who decided that he would rather wear the red and black.


  • 6'0" 180
  • Wide Receiver
  • Miramar High School; Miramar, Florida


Quick Take

This is a great way to end what is shaping up to be a pretty good class for the Cincinnati Bearcats. Recevier was an area that really needed to be addressed in this class with seven senior receivers moving on after the 2015 season. To address that the Bearcats have been very aggressive in recruiting receivers signing four receivers, with the possibility for a fifth if walk on Trevon Story switches from defense at some point.

The best of the bunch is Lewis, a 6' speedster from the strong program at Miramar High School. What will be interesting is where Lewis settles with the Bearcats. He could conceivably play one of the inside receiver positions, he has the skill set for that. But I think his more natural home is on the outside . He is a little under sized for that spot height wise, but he is such a dynamic athlete that it really doesn't matter. What a great topper to this class.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Kahlil