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Josiah Deguara Is Officially A Bearcat

The Bearcats reach deep into California's central Valley for Folsom's Josiah Deguara.

Sacramento Bee


  • 6'2" 190
  • H-Back / Tight End
  • Folsom High School; Folsom, California


Quick Take

I covered this topic a bit more in depth in Monday's recruiting roundup, so if you read that some of this is going to be repetitive for you. Apologies. But I simply don't understand how Deguara only had offers to UC and Air Force to choose from. Deguara wasn't just productive, he was spectacularly productive catching over 100 balls for over 1,000 yards and more than 20 touchdowns. I was wondering that on Monday, and I am still wondering that today.

The difference is that I have a better answer for it today. It really comes down to Deguara's lack of a traditional position. He is essentially an H-Back / Tight End who played in an offense that never deployed in anything but 11 or 10 personnel.* But they also hardly ever deployed Deguara as an inline or in the backfield blocker.

*The former meaning one tight end (1) one running back (1), the later meaning one tight end (1) zero running backs (0)

It's confusing because Degaura really stretched the definition of what an H-Back in terms of how he was deployed while at the same time putting up numbers as a receiver that would make Shaq Washington jealous. That positional ambiguity kept Degaura under the radar, but the Bearcats have a plan for him. He will be playing in the H-Back role with UC, which means a red shirt year, lots of protein shakes and time in the weight room. His skill set will give the Bearcats a completely different dimension from that spot.