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AAC Teams Announced; Ellis, Caupain and Clark Honored

The American Athletic Conference announced their all conference selections today and three Cincinnati Bearcats were honored.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Anytime that the conference awards comes out it is an exciting time for the players and coaches, not to mention the fans. This year has a slightly different feel compared to last year. It was clear from about mid January on that Sean Kilpatrick was having an all conference season, by the end of January it was obvious that he was having an all american season.

That sense of pre ordained greatness hasn't been present at all with the Bearcats this year. The Bearcats are a team that struggled to find their way for most of the year. Troy Caupain, Gary Clark and Octavius Ellis have all had phenomenal individual seasons, and are worthy of the the recognition that they are getting. But the fact that only Ellis is considered one of the 10 best players in the league says a lot about the Bearcats balance. No one on this Bearcats team puts up super star numbers, and that hurts with these end of year awards. Still, its a cool honor for these guys at the end of a long season.

2015 American Athletic Conference All-Conference First Team
Ryan Boatright, G, UConn *
Austin Nichols, F, Memphis
Nic Moore, G, SMU *
Will Cummings, G, Temple
James Woodard, G, Tulsa

2015 American Athletic Conference All-Conference Second Team
Octavius Ellis, F, Cincinnati
Markus Kennedy, F, SMU
Yanick Moreira, C, SMU
Louis Dabney, G, Tulane
Shaquille Harrison, G, Tulsa

2015 American Athletic Conference All-Conference Honorable Mention
Troy Caupain, G, Cincinnati
Amida Brimah, C, UConn
Daniel Hamilton, G/F, UConn
Jaylen Bond, F, Temple

2015 American Athletic Conference All-Rookie Team
Adonys Henriquez, G, UCF
B.J. Taylor, G, UCF
Gary Clark, F, Cincinnati
Daniel Hamilton, G/F, UConn *
B.J. Tyson, G, East Carolina *