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American Athletic Conference Bracket Is Set

The Cincinnati Bearcats are entering the AAC tournament on a five game winning streak. Those five wins have come with an average margin of victory of 14 points per game. By all appearances the Bearcats are peaking at the right time for the first time in a few seasons. Now, the path to the AAC tournament crown is in front of them.

It won't be easy, but if the Cincinnati Bearcats can get past the home standing UConn Huskies in the night cap on Friday the Bearcats will have a decent shot to make a run to the conference crown. Tulsa is a good team, but they aren't a team that really strikes the fear of god into me. I suspect that you feel the same way about them.

Truth be told I am not all that worried anyone in this conference for one big reason. The Bearcats have a deeper, and better assortment of bigs than anyone else in this league. Guard play tends to dominate in March, but that's because most teams don't have the kind of weapons that the Bearcats do on the inside. You have to go way back to the Huggins era to come up with a UC team that had a trio like Octavius Ellis, Gary Clark and Coreontae DeBerry. Last year's group was going as far as Sean Kilpatrick could drag them, this team will go as far as the bigs take them.  Starting on Friday night we will find out just how far that is.