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Bearcats Box Lunch: Zac Taylor, Zach Collaros and the Slow Baseball Offseason

A couple former Bearcat football folks got new gigs. Plus much more.

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Cincinnati v Central Florida Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The internet is a big, wide open, scary place. Why should you have to dive into its depths and find stories that pertain to the Cincinnati Bearcats when we can do it for you? Here’s what the world wide web has to offer today.

In Bearcat news

The poor, poor Los Angeles Rams. They just lost in the first round of the NFL playoffs and now they’re promoting Zac Taylor to QB coach. Yes, the same Taylor who led the pitiful UC offense in 2016. (3k; Turf Show Times)

Former Bearcats quarterback Zach Collaros is now playing for the Saskatchewan Roughriders (Rob Vanstone; Regina Leader-Post)

Our internet pal Tom Groeschen breaks down the Bearcats season so far. (Tom Groeschen; Cincinnati Enquirer)

Jaylyin Minor and Kendall Calhoun will participate in the SPIRAL Tropical Bowl. (

Bearcats head coaches. Ranked. In order. By how cool their names are. (Spencer Tuckerman; OhVarsity!)

In other news

College football is over so let’s start hyping up the 2018 season and WHERE ARE THE BEARCATS ON THIS EARLY TOP 25?! Oh right, they went 4-8 last season. (Jason Kirk; SB Nation)

The baseball offseason has been very slow. I am beginning to worry for the sanity of my baseball-only writing brethren. (Grant Brisbee; SB Nation)

Jay Bilas knows what’s up in college basketball. Yes, it is entirely because he has the Bearcats as a top 10 team. (Jay Bilas; ESPN)