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PODCAST: Venting About Bearcats Football Issues

Despite a 10-1 record, fans are rightfully upset about a couple of big issues surrounding the Bearcats football team.

Connecticut v Cincinnati

Despite the Cincinnati Bearcats football team being 10-1 entering the final week of the regular season and clinching the AAC East Division title, there are a lot of issues with this football team. The conversation among Bearcats fans on social media has been mostly about one of two issues, as opposed to celebrating this season’s accomplishments.

That is totally understandable! As great as this season has been, there are some issues. And Scotty Whitehouse and myself use the 30+ minutes in this week’s podcast to vent our frustrations about the offense and the topic of attendance (not necessarily the attendance itself).

We used this podcast as therapy for this week. If you too need a place to vent, hit us up on twitter or in the comments below and let us know your frustrations too.

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