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Darrian Beavers is an Irresistible Force and an Immovable Object

HULK HOGAN AND ANDRE THE GIANT Photo by Jeffrey Asher/ Getty Images

The New York Giants locked up one heck of a linebacker in the 6th round of this year’s NFL Draft.

They selected Cincinnati Bearcats standout Darrian Beavers, one of the most versatile LBs in the 2022 draft class. Originally a safety before transferring from UConn, Beavers showed consistent prowess as a predator from the edge position. At the same time, Beavers showed himself sufficiently robust to make stops between the tackles.

Beavers can serve New York’s needs either inside or out, making him a combination Andre the Giants and Hulk Hogan. Beavers is both an Irresistible Force and an Immovable Object, to paraphrase the great Gorilla Monsoon.

New York certainly has a bunch of needs on the defensive side of the ball. By selecting Beavers, they are going a long way towards meeting them. Beavers is one of the genuine steals of the late rounds of the 2022 NFL Draft.