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Louisville - Brief Knee-jerk Reaction

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I have a feeling that UC fans are going to be in for plenty more games like this. It is only six games in, UC is 3-3 and I can say pretty comfortably that this has already been the most emotionally taxing season of Bearcat Football on record. Brief bullet point after the jump.

  • Sean Hooey did start at RT tonight as I predicted. He played very well. So well that when Alex Hoffman is good to go again he will be playing his more natural guard position. That is what I would do, but I am not the coach.
  • Bill Koch's reporting of Hoffman being out allows him to retain his title as the worst beat reporter ever for the 156th week running.
  • Isaiah Pead has the highest rushing yards to rushing touchdowns ratio in the history of history. 535 yards to 1 rushing TD. I wouldn't trade him for the world, but it is a statistical oddity.
  • Armon Binns is manly
  • D.J. Woods is manlier for getting what looks a lot like a concussion (speaking as someone who has had that same look before) on the game winning TD catch
  • Zach Collaros was good, and you take the good with the bad, but I could really do without him throwing out routes or curls off his back foot ever again
  • Wesley Richardson was dearly missed in the secondary
  • This defense isn't great, but it would help out if the offense could avoid putting the D in bad spots with turnovers
  • UC is now minus 6 in the turnover margin, going into tomorrows action that is tied for 110th in the country
  • The offensive line which everyone was cursing, not without reason, held the number 5 ranked pass rush without a sack.

The Keg stays in Clifton, celebrate the fact.

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