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Whit Babcock Named University of Cincinnati Athletic Director

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The search for an Athletic Director is over. Whit Babcock currently the Associate Athletic Director at the University of Missouri. The AD's office has been vacant since Mike Thomas left the post for the University of Illinois leaving behind legions of happy fans and Athletic Department employees. Here are the money passages from the UC press release.

"Whit comes highly recommended as an energetic leader and rising star in collegiate sports," Williams said. "He is a person who will build on the excellence of the Bearcat sports and take UC's athletics program into a dynamic future. I am counting on him to carry forward our successful programs for our student athletes, both on and off the field."

And from the man himself.

"I am honored and humbled to become a part of the University of Cincinnati family," Babcock said.  "I'm excited to get started as soon as possible and look forward to meeting our student-athletes, coaches, and fans along with the entire UC community.  I'd like to thank President Williams for this tremendous opportunity.  Cincinnati is certainly a program on the rise and can compete successfully academically and athletically on a national stage."

Some people are already reading too much into this announcement as it pertains to UC's chances of getting to the Big 12. Those particular cards are already on the table, the Big 12 just has to decide whether or not to pick them up. Babcock's hiring will have no impact one way or the other.