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Highlands DB Drake Bruns Commits to the Cincinnati Bearcats

Well, that's a pretty good weekend in recruiting for UC. Andre Jones jumped on board Friday and now Drake Bruns from Highlands High School has commited to the Bearcats($). Bruns first offer came from UC about a week ago. I like the pickup, while Northern Kentucky might not be awash in talent in most years they put out a few good ones a year. This year in particular is a very good year with Zeke Pike and Co. Another thing that you have to like about this pick up is that it reafirms the Bearcat pipeline with the Bluebird program. In the past decade UC had plucked Geno Guidugli, Ben Guidugli and Jeff Reinstaler from highlands. While it isn't the UC pipeline that Colerain or even Elder has been, its still one of the most frequent producers of Bearcats. UC was the only school to offer Bruns at this point, but he was receiving interest from Notre Dame, Louisville, Illinois and Indiana among others. There is no free highlights out there so I will reserve what little judgement I have until I see soemthing. I will say that I have heard that Bruns is a bit of a ball hawk with good instincts. It remains to be seen wheter he will play corner or safety. at 6'0 180 I would think corner, but you never really know.