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April 25th Jump Off

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Spring Football

Bearcat Beat
A couple of interesting things here. Pay some attention to the Isaiah Pead quotes in regards to Jameel Poteat and his visit at UC.

Other Bearcat News

Bearcats Sweep Wildcats - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
From Friday

Now Healthy, Johnson At Home As Bearcats No. 3 Starter - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Good write up on Nick Johnson here

Burse Enjoying, Excelling During Senior Campaign At UC - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
When Natasha Burse first started her track and field career at the University of Cincinnati, she never thought that she would be where she is today.


2012 safeties | February
Pretty effusive praise for new Bearcats Andre Jones and Marcus Foster. Granted, Duane Long is a hack of the highest order who will express unbridled shock that Foster and Jones are both going to be Bearcats. He will then throw in a bull shit claim about how any Big 10 team could get them if they wanted them.

Around The Big East

Florida WR transfer could end up at USF - Big East Blog - ESPN
That wouldn't be an exceedingly welcome sight in my eyes. Chris Dunkey is a killer play maker.

Former head coach Rich Rodriguez regrets leaving West Virginia for Michigan - ESPN
I am sure that this storm has blown over in Morgantown already. Right?

Pitt Football: Biggest Hole To Fill? - Cardiac Hill
The guys at Cardiac Hill show their intellect by picking on the offensive line. Smart Football would be proud. He would also point out that with Todd Grahm as head coaching the offensive line is slightly less important. Scheme matters.

Syracuse 12 - Rutgers 2: Now That's More Like It - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
Because you have to like Lacrosse to be a Syracuse fan. It's in the Geneva Conventions

Hollis Thompson Enters 2011 NBA Draft - Casual Hoya
One among many iffy decisions among NBA draft prospects.

Jamal Coombs-McPoordecisionmaking: sophomore forward arrested for marijuana possession - The UConn Blog
Standard fare, but worth it for the headline alone.

Nationally Recognized

QB Focus: Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State’s old gun - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
The more I look into what Dana Holgerson has done the more concerned I am about WVU. I think the saving grace for us all will be that Bill Stewart is still there to be the Albatross around their collective testicles.

Eight stay-or-go decisions that were completely on the money - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports
worth your time

Eight stay-or-go decisions that are still up for debate - The Dagger - NCAAB Blog - Yahoo! Sports

Florida Gators' Janoris Jenkins arrested for third time in last year - ESPN
Good to see the Urban Meyer influence is still strong in Gainsville

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

Persistence Hunting Marathoners |
The best story about fast people chasing fast animals since this one.