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April 28th Jump Off

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Bearcats News

Kastelic Named to All-BIG EAST Golf Squad - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
Joe Kastelic named All Big East in golf. yea!

Bearcats Game vs. XU Cancelled - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site
There was no return game for the baseball double dip with Xavier

UC’s draft hopefuls | UC Athletics Blog
I really want this to happen for Jason Kelce. That's nothing against Armon Binns, but I know Kelce somewhat better and how he has worked his ass off to get to this point.

Spring shoes to fill: Cincinnati - Big East Blog - ESPN
I don't know that I agree with the notion that the biggest shoes to fill this year are Armon Binns. The bigger question to me is left tackle. Sam Griffin wasn't great. But he was a two year starter. If Sean Hooey doesn't perform at that spot it could be another long year.

The Big East and the 2012 draft - Big East Blog - ESPN
I have been saying, to my friends not to you, that Pead and Wolfe are both going to be pretty high draft picks. I do know some things, apparently.

Recruiting - Final Rivals150: Inside the numbers
Shaquille Thomas joins the ranks of the 4 stars in the rivals final 150.

 I think he deserves that 4th star don't you?

Andre Jones commits to Cincinnati
Yet more on the Andre Jones commitment

Around The Big East

Katie Thomas From The New York Times Takes Our Questions About USF & Title IX - Voodoo Five
So there are journalists out there who do actual work and mind the details. good to know

Syracuse Spring Football: Report Card - Quarterbacks - Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Magician
How do the Syracuse quarterbacks grade out after Spring practice?

He has spoken: God's Gift Achiuwa to St. John's - quotes, notes - Rumble In The Garden
God's Gift Achiuwa committed to St. John's today. Pico Dulce has you covered

Plotting a Big East coup - On the Banks

"It is not difficult to imagine any number of hangups that could throw a wrench into these plans. Do the football schools accept such a compromise, or ultimately stick to their guns in enacting a clean and permanent break and fissure? Do the surviving basketball schools hang their confederates out to dry, and dutifully accept their minority status in perpetuity as preferable to permanent relegation to mid-major status? It is hard to imagine the conference leadership being amenable to this scenario considering it has largely existed over the past three decades as a patronage mill for Providence College. At each and every opportunity they have long prioritized the interests of programs like PC above the common good for the broader league, and would almost certainly be determined to wage a scorched earth campaign aimed at preventing those marginal programs from finally having to face reality. Any expulsions could provoke a rash of lawsuits and legislative scrutiny."

This is the key point. It would be very hard to argue that the league office has acted in the best interest of all members in the past. I am going to put up another post on this at some point, probably be the weekend

Pitt Football: Devin Street Candidate For 1,000 Yards? - Cardiac Hill
This has much more to do with the Todd Grahm's offense than any innate ability of Street.

Pitino introduces Kevin Keatts, talks recruiting - Card Chronicle
Interesting choice by Petino. I think he wants to recruit better, no other reason to hire Kevin Keatts

Nationally Recognized

Bill Simmons: Breaking down the NBA's small-market woes with a little help from the Maloofs - ESPN
I don't like to plug someone who quite clearly needs no plugging but this is pretty fascinating stuff

Never Not Funny

Reading This Will Make You Smarter

How to Make Your Lie Go Mainstream in 26 Easy Steps | Mother Jones
I love me some flow charts