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Butch Jones Keg of Notes

Butch Jones took to the podium today to discuss last Saturday's disappointing loss to Toledo and looks ahead to this weeks Friday Night contest with the Louisville Cardinals. As ever you can get the video of the press conference here.


--Butch hit the nail on the head, for me anyway, right off the bat. Its damn near impossible to win games against good teams, and Toledo is a good team, when you give up 14 points of a non offensive variety. That means playing from behind, and that's not really what this team should be trying to do.

--Team was hit hard by the loss. That should happen after winning 8 straight games.

--Butch expects Louisville to approach the game the same way that Virginia Tech did. Move 8 and 9 guys into the box and force Munchie to make plays. Thats the blueprint that every team UC will play the rest of the season will try to employ.

--"Our margin of error is very small." If you were playing Margin of Error Bingo you just won, now drink.

--Expects a lot of man coverage from the Cardinals. That can either be a really good thing, or a bad thing for the Bearcats. The Cards have a lot of talent in the secondary, and they don't give up a ton of yards through the air, but they don't exactly strike the fear of god in an offensive coordinator or quarterback either. Their TD/INT ratio is an eye opener, its 14-3

--Extremely complementary of Brandon Mills performance against Toledo. The void Walt leaves isn't on field as much as it is in terms of leadership.

--Pat O'Donnell has an iffy hamstring. That is why Tony Miliano got the kickoff duty. That's why Bernard Reedy was brought into the game, to disastrous results.

--Jones is really high on the progression of Ti'on Green who is basically a baby George Winn, who just happens to be taller, bigger, and (probably) faster. That would be a help, the running back rotation is down to Winn and Ralph David Abernathy IV at this point, that's probably not enough.

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