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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | March 14th

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NCAA Tournament

UC NCAA Tournament Tickets SOLD OUT - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

All University of Cincinnati section tickets for Friday’s NCAA Tournament Second Round game vs. Texas (11:15 am CT/12:15 pm ET) are SOLD OUT.

Bearcats be traveling ya'll. If you by chance don't have your tickets yet you can get them from the Bridgestone Arena box office. Prices are the same, but there is no assurance that you will be with UC fans.

Notebook: Brawl a non-topic - Cincinnati Bearcats

"I'll tell you what concerns me a lot is there offensive rebounding, I will tell you that," Cronin said. "They're a great offensive rebounding team. They've got a couple kids, especially (Jaylen) Bond, that are really big and strong they go hard, Champman, they go to the offensive glass. Lately their offensive rebound numbers in their last five games have been tremendous."

These are two teams that are great on the offensive boards, not so great on the defensive end

How UC got better after Shootout | |

"I think that I made a calculated error at the beginning of the season to try to make him the focal point of our offense," Cronin said of Gates. "It was based on how he was playing in practice, but it didn’t pan out for us. It wasn’t the right role for him. He’s obviously still a big part of what we do, but it’s helped our rebounding. Our offensive changes have helped his offense. They have helped his rebounding. It’s made us a better team."

There’s a lot to like about this UC team as tournament begins | UC Athletics Blog

"What happened in New York was that we learned two great lessons," Cronin said Sunday night. "We can beat anybody but we can also be beat. We’ve got to make sure that we play the type of game we need to play to win. We’re not going to play teams better than we just played in the whole NCAA tournament."

Cronin: ‘We’re not talking about the fight’ | UC Athletics Blog


Cincinnati's Walter Stewart prepares to lead - Big East Blog - ESPN

"I just feel like I'm light years ahead of where I was last year and the year before that," Stewart said in a recent phone interview. "It just makes playing football a lot easier when you know what you have to do instead of playing something different. It's a good feeling knowing I can come out here and not really worry about anything else."

I am really expecting Walt to carry over his end of season performance, which was phenomenal from the Louisville game on, into this season.

Other Bearcat News

Bearcats Accept Invitation To WNIT - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

The University of Cincinnati women’s basketball team has accepted an invitation to participate in the 2012 Postseason Women’s National Invitation Tournament (WNIT). The Bearcats will host Duquesne on Friday, March 16 at Fifth Third Arena at 7 p.m. It is the first time UC has advanced to postseason play since the 2005-06 season. The game will be streamed live on with Scott Waldrop on the call.

I think that this is the first post season birth for the ladies in a decade or thereabouts

Five questions: UC'S Jamelle Elliot | |
Make that six years

Senior-Laden 'Cats Looking To Make Splash In 2012 - University of Cincinnati Official Athletics Site

"Our BIG EAST finishes in the last three years have been fourth, fourth and sixth," he says. "We are really looking to move up and improve on sixth, back up to third or fourth. The question is how are we going to do that? It is going to be difficult. We can accomplish that because we have a lot of senior standouts. That's one way. We also have some good freshmen. I think the combination of those things--senior leadership and the incoming freshmen--are going to provide quite a nice team. I think it will put us in a position to get back in the top-four in the BIG EAST."

Nationally Recognized

March Sadness: Nerlens Noel, And How To Invent A Tragedy -

Not every would-be superstar has Sandra Bullock to guide him through high school and college on the way to the top, but that doesn't mean the alternatives are all working against him. It's a predatory world, but it's more complicated than a bunch of sharks feasting on the future of young stars. You can have hustlers and shucksters with mixed motives who still help kids reach their potential. That reality goes completely ignored in the Times, though.

A pretty substantial rebuke to the New York Times story on Noel from last weekend.

New Baylor Football Stadium Concepts Released, Big Donation Announced -

The Baylor Bears continue their season of good news, announcing the "largest capital gift in university history" for the purposes of a new, on-campus football stadium. And based on photos the athletic department is releasing of that stadium, somebody's paying for a mighty pretty building. This is all just concept art, of course, but still:

Its high time that UC got the largest capital gift in UC history for the purposes of expanding and renovating Nippert Stadium...A man can dream