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Top Virginia Tech Signee Montrezel Harrell Will Seek Release, Cincinnati Reportedly in Pursuit


Via scouts focus.

This is a wholly expected outcome of Seth Greenberg getting the axe. However given just how doggedly Mick Cronin has perused Chris Obekpa I find it hard to imagine that Harrell is anything more than a back up plan. Mind you Harrell is a player. He is more skilled offensively, but he isn't the defensive game changer that Obekpa is and really doesn't fit all that well in the system everyone expects UC to run.

Ultimeatly given the choice between Obekpa and Harrell considering what Mick needs from his bigs in the four guard offense that is coming down the pipe Obekpa is probably the better fit. Cronin is all in on Obekpa, but it is nice to know that there is a back up plan available if needed.

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