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Cincinnati Bearcats Link Jump Off | April 3rd

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Bearcats Nation took a look at the corners and Chris likes what he sees. It's hard not to. Three guys are coming back with double digit starts to their name. Which hasn't happened recently. That depth should make for a quality starting group. That being said I do have some issues with Deven Drane visa vie the starting Boundary Corner spot.

I have no issues with Drane's talent. I happen to think that he has an opportunity to be one of the best corner backs in recent Bearcat history. But it took an injury last year to Dominique Battle for him to get the job permanently. Drane is a gamer. When the lights come on he almost always shines. He led the team in INT's with 3 and passes broken up with 8 including one in each of the last four games.

His talent is unmissable, it certainly is if I am noticing it, but it Kerry Coombs a long time to figure that out. This year DD is likely to start every game. Battle is his only competition, and he won't be 100 per cent ready to challenge for that job. Not coming off another ACL, one that took place in late October. It also doesn't hurt that all these corners will get a proper DB coach for the first time at UC-

Chris Obekpa had a good performance in the All-American Championship in New Orleans. Playing for an East squad featuring Nerlens Noel, Mitch McGary and DeJuan Coleman among others Obekpa stood out on the defensive end notching 4 blocks in his short time on the court. Being an All Star (read: pick up) game paint touches were hard to come by. That being said Obepka isn't a high level scorer. His one elite level skill at the college level is going to be protecting the rim. So to see him impact the game the way he did against elite competition is a good thing. Obekpa has his final visit to Oregon coming up, after which he will reach a decision. Signing day in Basketball is on the 11th of April-

I'd be remissed if I didn't talk just a little bit about last nights National Championship game. Kentucky won, which will send roughly 1/4th of the metro Cincinnati area into convulsions of sheer delight. Personally I don't like Kentucky, or their fans, or their program. But oddly enough I have come to like this team, and only this team. <> I can't explain it, but this is a team that plays the game the way that I prefer it to be played. They are free and open and attacking on the offensive and suffocating on the defensive end. I don't think they are the best team in the history of the sport, for my money Lew Alcindor's 1969 Bruins will reign in that spot in perpetuity. But this Kentucky team was a delight to watch this year, even if sitting next to a UK fan while watching it was the diametric opposite of a delight-

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Baseball heads to Athens today so be there Ohio Bearcats...another reason to love Whit Babcock in case you actually needed one...Football transfers to watch in the Big East. For my money Shakim Phillips will have the best year...John Maynard Keynes made people a lot of money. Shocking, I know...Just in case you have half an hour to kill and would like to know why Macau, not Las Vegas, is now the Mecca for degenerate gamblers