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Cincinnati Bearcat Bits for May 7th

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With spring practice over everyone is turning their attentions to the national picture with a myriad of wild guess at ranking the 124 FBS teams. College Football news is, as always, one of the first off the mark with. They have UC at 37 which seems about right from where I am sitting. I don't think this UC team is a pre season top 25 outfit, primarily because I have no idea what the offensive identity will be. That being said this is a team with the potential to win double digit games. I am not expecting that at all, but the potential is definitely there.

Of all the digital ink spent eulogizing John Marinatto's Big East this piece from Dana O'Neil is probably the best, at least in terms of putting into context Marinatto's failure as the commissioner of the Big East. He failed because he was put in a position where failure was really the only option. The Big East presidents wanted a yes man and a yes man is exactly what they got. The problem was that he couldn't say yes to everyone while at the same time looking out for the best interests for the conference as a whole. He tried to make everyone happy and in the end made no one happy.

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the UC Football program is entering its 125th season...Zach Morris was named to the honor roll for the Big East for a 2nd time this season...Jasmine Cotten, Michelle Eby and Brian Zimmerman claimed conference titles last weekend at the Big East track and field championships...PDJ catches up with Armon Binns good stuff...Zach Collaros was released by the Bucs Louisville preview from CFN...I didn't know France had a rust belt.

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