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Virginia Guard Troy Caupain Is A Bearcat

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While the state of the Bearcats recruiting efforts for the class of 2012 are in upheaval Mick Cronin has gotten started on the class of 2013 with Virginia combo guard Troy Caupain. Caupain is a big guard at 6'3" 180 pounds at the end of his junior year and he has an intriguing skill set as well.

He is a capible, if not deadly shooter. He can get into the paint and create havoc at will. Finishing at the rim isn't really a problem either. He is a good re bounder for his position but his best asset might very well be his defense which is excellent. His lateral quickness is good and combining that with his abnormally long arms is the perfect recipe for a Mick Cronin guard. Should fit in exceptionally well for the Bearcats.

Video highlights: Troy Caupain at 2012 N.C. Phenom 150 Camp from The Wolfpacker on Vimeo.

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