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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 67 Nate Dingle


Defensive Line | Lettered 1990-1993

If there is one position group that has been the most consistent at producing standout players for the Bearcats it has to be the Defensive Line. And there is something of a set hierarchy with the way Bearcats fans think about the defensive line. By common consensus the top DL's in Bearcats history are in some order Bob Bell Trent Cole, Antwan Peek, Andre Frazier and maybe a new age guy like Derek Wolfe or Terrill Byrd.

Rarely mentioned in that group is Nate Dingle, but I can't really figure out why. Dingle was a mainstay of Tim Murhpy's early 90's teams. His production was great as well. He ranks in the top 5 all time in sacks and tackles for loss and is one of 7 Bearcats to register 20+ TFL in a season. And yet his name sort of floats under the radar.

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