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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 15 Connor Barwin


Tight End/Defensive End | Letters 2005-08

There have been good tight ends at UC before. There have also been a ton of great defensive linemen as well. But there has never been anyone like Connor Barwin before. The story has been repeated so often before that everyone knows it by heart. But simply being told doesn't give justice to what actually happened.

Barwin went from being a tight end into being one of the best defensive linemen in the conference and he did it in one year. Barwin has been quick to point out that his technique at UC boiled down to simply being more athletic than the people trying to block him. Not only did it work, he became a dominant force up front for a team that had huge questions at defensive end coming into the season. Barwin turned in a pantheon season, one of just three men to record double digit sacks in a season. One can only wonder what records would have fallen if he was on defense for four seasons.

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