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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 14 Terrill Byrd


Defensive Line | Letters 2005-08

Defensive Linemen in college are supposed to look a certain way. They should be tall with long legs and arms reminiscent of an Albatross. Or else they should be tall men with the mass and look of a small house. What they should not be is under 5'10" weighing 300 pounds with the general mass and properties of a Bowling Ball. Terrill Byrd was the latter and he laughs at your conventions.

Until UC entered the fray Byrd was thought to be a lock for the MAC. He had offers from Bowling Green and Toledo but the hometown offer changed his tune and he went to Clifton with basically half of his Senior class from Colerain. It more than worked out for everyone. Byrd started from day one, developed into an All American for the Bearcats. His impact on the field was unreal because no one was as disruptive from the defensive tackle position as he was. Except for maybe the next guy on the list.

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