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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 9 Tony Pike


Quarterback | Letters 2007-09

Tony Pike is perhaps the most talented quarterback in the the Bearcats history, probably second only to Greg Cook. It took him a long time to finally harness his immense potential, but when he did boy did he dominate. Nothing about Tony Pike is orthodox. He has prototypical height but is built like Gumby. He has a powerful and accurate arm. He moves with the grace of a baby girrafe and yet he was neigh on untouchable in the pocket.

In many ways he was Brian Kelly's ultimate muse. Just as Ricky Bobby only wanted to go fast Brian Kelly only wanted to go deep. And low and behold here was this gangly gift from the gods sitting on his roster. Make no mistake Don Treadwell and Mark Dantonio saw the talent, but they trusted Grutza. It was only when Brian Kelly had no other choice that the light went off and the scoreboards blew up. The rest is history.

Bonus Tony Pike, you already know

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