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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 7 Mike Mickens


Defensive Back | Letters 2005-2008

Water covers 73 per cent of the Earth's surface. Mike Mickens covered the rest of it. Yes its a joke but it is a fitting lead in for the best cover corner in Bearcats history. By a wide margin. Mickens was part of that brutally young defense in 2005 that formed the core of the Bearcats 2008 Orange Bowl run. But he wasn't just part, he was the best player on the team for his last three years on the team.

That is a big statement considering just how talented that 2008 team was but I stand by it. His ability to take away half the field gave UC so much flexibility in their coverage schemes. That 2008 defense was the best in UC history for my money and Mickens is the biggest reason why. But it is hard for words and stats to do justice to Mickens play. He was simply the best defensive player in school history and no one can tell me otherwise.

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