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Cincinnati 125 for 125 | # 6 Gino Guidugli


Quarterback | Letters 2001-04

The legacy of Gino Guidugli is hard to figure out. Yes he basically owns every record a QB can have be it passing yards or touchdowns or anything else. But he played in a different period. Chronologically there is only three years difference between Brian Kelly and the start of the Golden Age of Cincinnati Football that we are currently experiencing and Guidugli's final season as a starter. But the contrast of between those era's is a stark one.

If Gino did what he did from 2007 to 2010 the perception of him would be flipped on its head. But that can't be done. All that can be done is try to place Gino in his proper place. Yes he didn't win a lot, just 26 games over four seasons with just the one conference championship. But the numbers are too hard to ignore. If 11,453 yards and 78 passing touchdowns don't get you a spot in the top 10 what does?

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