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Down The Drive Staff Picks: Victory Bell

Rob Leifheit-USA TODAY Sports

bearcatlair: UC 45, Miami 10.

Jeff Gentil: We all know Miami stinks.  But we all thought the same of Illinois and that burned us badly.  Still, UC is the better team and by a wide margin.  I hesitate to predict an annihilation (as much as I'd like to), so I'll say Miami keeps it close for about a quarter and a half.  UC then wears em down and rolls to a 34-10 win...and promptly cancels the series forever.

RepublicOfCincinnati: I'm going to go with:

Bearcats:  66
Redhawks:  10 (Miami is, barely, a point better than Northwestern State)

Matt Dumont: I think the Bearcats are feeling confident after the beating they gave to Northwestern State. I think they will go up to Oxford and accomplish the same thing against what has been an exceptionally bad Miami squad. 55-10, Cats roll.

Matt Opper: The first half of the last two victory bell contests have been slow and sluggish starts from the Bearcats. Last year Miami scored first and was driving near redzone territory when Camerron Cheatham jumped a route and took it the distance. That pick six altered the game completely and UC cruised. In 2011 almost 25 minutes of play elapsed before either team scored. Travis Kelce got in the end zone and the Bearcats were comfortable. I think this game will be similar, tight through a couple quarters before the Bearcats depth comes to bear. 45-17 Bearcats.

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