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Hosey Williams Could Be Out For The Year

On Tommy Tuberville's radio show last night he broke an interesting bit of news, Hosey Williams could be done for the year.

Jamie Sabau

That would be a blow to the Bearcats offense for the rest of the year, but a manageable one. Tuberville said that if Hosey Williams is not back by the ECU game (three weeks from today) he probably will not be seen again this year. The Bearcats would pursue a medical redshirt for Williams. If granted that would give the Bearcats an unexpected depth in the backfield for 2015.

As for this year it would leave the Bearcats incredibly short handed at the running back position for the rest of the year. Eddie Gran is down to two scholarship running backs right now, Mike Boone and Rod Moore. E.J. Junior could play the position in a pinch, but he is really inexperienced. For Gran the lack of depth has to be a huge bummer, he is a guy who lives to have three or four running backs get significant reps every game. The Bearcats deteriorating depth at the position is only going to put the ball in Gunner Kiel's hands more often.