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Bearcats Sprint Out To 20-3 Halftime Lead

It has not been a perfect half from the Bearcats, but its been good enough.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

I don't want to jinx this, but this lead seems unassailable against this USF team. Its not that the Bearcats are phenomenal at seeing games like this off. But putting the ball into the hands of Mike White and asking him to mount a comeback through the air... that I can live with.

The 17-3 scoreline is not remotely indicative of the Bearcats level of domination in this game. UC has limited the Bulls to 3.3 yards per play while averaging 6.2 per play themselves. The only score of the game for the Bulls came gifted courtesy of a bad snap from Deyshawn Bond to Shaq Washington on a wildcat play. It has been a non stop run of terrible offense.

Gunner Kiel's injury on the second to last play of the first half is a huge concern going forward. I wouldn't expect to see Gunner play another snap of this game, but you never know. He is a tough kid, maybe too tough for his own good. So yeah, really good 29 minutes.