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Gunner Kiel Injured Against South Florida

The play happened as the Bearcats were threatening the Bulls end zone

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Gunner Kiel was having one of his most consistent games in the last month or so. But because it seems that the Bearcats are not allowed to have anything nice. Gunner was favoring his back while he was being asssited by the Bearcats medical personnel.

It wouldn't be surprising to see coach Tuberville try to keep Gunner out of the second half. As much as he can at least. USF mounted a sensational comeback last week and so while this 20-3 lead feels safe, its not entirely. What will be interesting is to see how the Bearcats approach this.

Jarred Evans is clearly not an option, so the three options that the Bearcats have to see this game out are as follows. Hand the keys of the car to Munchie Legaux to see what happens. The other primary option would be to run the Shaq Washington wildcat package to death. Personally I favor the second option, if only because we could get the opportunity to brand this as the Shaq Washington game.