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Gunner Kiel Practices; Status Still Unchanged

The rules for Tommy Tuberville are pretty well set in stone, if a player can't participate in the majority of the Bearcats practices during the week they are not allowed to play that week.

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The Enquirer

Kiel (bruised ribs) threw some passes and did some drills but was limited. UC coach Tommy Tuberville lists usual starter Kiel questionable for the Bearcats' game Saturday at the University of Miami (Florida).

That is obviously an improvement over yesterday when Gunner didn't even practice in anything but a limited capacity. He was more active today, even though Jarred Evans and Munchie Legaux took the majority of the reps with the first team.

If I was a betting man, and I am not because I don't have a quantity of money large enough that I can set some of it on fire for fun. Anyways, If i were a betting man I would expect Munchie or Jarred Evans to draw the start against the Hurricanes and their formidable defense. Gunner can probably play in the game and would probably perform better injured than Munchie or Evans will healthy. But the staff has to balance trying to win this game with trying to have Gunner as healthy as possible for the rest of the year.