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Ulysees Gilbert Is A Bearcat

It did not take Tuberville and Co. very long to find their replacement for Quintin Hampton, Florida linebacker/defensive end Ulysees Gilbert from Ocala, Florida.

4.55 is a ridiculous time for a 6'1" 240 pound linebacker, its probably not true either, but that is neither here nor there. With Hampton off to UCF the Bearcats had a need for a hybrid end/outside linebacker, and Gilbert seems ideally suited to that spot.

He plays linebacker in only one direction, going forward. He really attacks the line of scrimmage downhill which allows him to cause havoc and create penetration in the opposing offensive line's scheme. He has pretty good range, perhaps not sideline to sideline, but he looks very comfortable indeed in between the numbers. The bonus with Gilbert is that he has played as a true defensive end at some point. He isn't a true defensive end in his skill set, his get off is a tick too slow and he doesn't yet know how to use his hands. But the Bearcats staff should be able to refine that and allow him to be a serviceable end in the right situations.

Welcome to Bearcat Nation Ulysees