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Tommy Tuberville Not Naming Gunner Kiel The Starter Anytime Soon

This man really doesn't like to decide who his quarterback is. Dithering is not a kind description of the matter, but it is apt.

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From The Enquirer

"We're probably a week away," Tuberville said. "At least a week. Maybe the week of the game. Maybe the day after the first game. We might not have one by then. Pick a short straw. ... There's no reason to do it yet. We're still a work in progress."

On the one hand this is getting ridiculous, the common consensus is that Kiel is going to be the starter. Thats from the fans who are doing nothing but looking at his recruiting pedigree all the way through to the experts who have been closely observing the Bearcats as they go through spring practice and fall camp. Everyone is saying that Gunner is the guy.

The tricky thing about everyone knowing Gunner is the guy is that there is then no obvious incentive to make it public. Because everyone on, near or following the team knows that #11 is going to start there is no obvious incentive to make the decision public. In house, everyone on the team knows that Gunner is the guy, so there is no division at all in the lockerroom. Now this could be an elaborate ploy by Tubs, but everything I have heard and read is that Gunner has been by far the best in camp in particularly in the scrimmages. Munchie Legaux has been 2nd and Jarred Evans 3rd. There are still two weeks before kickoff, but I have no reason to believe that anyone is closing that gap. Nor do I have any reason to believe that the coaches aren't preparing their gameplan on the assumption that Gunner is going to start.

We are all just awaiting word.