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Cincinnati Wide Receiver Tshumbi Johnson Out For The Year

Tshumbi is the first major injury for the Bearcats this camp which will be breaking on Saturday to return to campus. It is another blow for Johnson who was bounced around between corner and wide receiver last year before finally finding a home at receiver.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

This year Tshumbi Johnson settled at wide receiver for good, which is probably the best position possible for a guy who is that dynamic with the ball in his hands. He took a redshirt last year, as did the majority of the 2013 class. The question of a medical hardship waiver is bound to come up. As far as I know Johnson's red shirt last year was not injury related, but I am not particularly confident about making that assessment.

So he will be losing his red shirt freshman year to injury, which sucks. But this year was going to be about learning from Shaq Washington so that he can take over that position next year. Finding run this year was always going to be a challenge. But its possible to get better without playing in games, but you have to at least be playing in practice. That practice time is something that Tshumbi will be missing out on this year.