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Bearcats Beat Toledo 58-34

It was not a work of art in the end, but it was a perfectly functional piece of football from the Bearcats. That is exactly what you want from the first game of the season.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

The long and short of it is that the Bearcats looked amazing during the first half, completely forgot that third quarters are a part of regularly scheduled football games and skipped it. They then reasserted themselves with a 17 point run in the fourth quarter. This was by no means a perfect night of football for the Bearcats. The defense had issues against the Rockets running game and wasn't able to create consistent pressure against Logan Woodside for any sustained period of time. The secondary turned loose Alonzo Russell twice on bad busts that resulted in long touchdowns. The defense as a whole looked slow and indecisive for most of the game. You could really tell from watching that the coaching staff didn't hit much in practice. Tackling was an adventure, which is never a good look for a defense, but it was only the first game against a team. There were a couple of injury scares with Deyshawn Bond and Jeff Luc, but at the time of the writing nothing has been disclosed regarding either. Oh and Gunner Kiel had an OK night. All in all a solid start to the season from the Bearcats, now its time to build on this.